Why I Write Songs

I write songs first and foremost because writing songs gives me pleasure. I also write songs to communicate with and entertain as many people as possible. Almost everybody has, does, or will listen to music. It’s one of the great art forms. People listen to music when they’re happy, sad, angry, confused, or when they simply want to be entertained. People listen to songs because songs can make them feel as if they aren’t alone in the world. A good song makes everybody feel it was written for them.

If you can call something as enjoyable as songwriting a job, then my job is to write songs people want to hear. I write songs that express emotions, ideals, or songs that simply tell stories. My goal is to write songs that touch people in some way, whether emotionally or just by making them sing along or dance. Yes, I write songs for me, but it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding if I was the only one who listened to the songs. That would defeat the purpose of songwriting.


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