It’s all About the Passion

Most of the posts on this blog are music related. That’s because I’m passionate about music. I write and play music, I listen to it, and I like to talk about it. Music isn’t my only passion, though. It goes without saying (but I will anyway), I’m passionate about my family. I love them beyond anything mere words can relate. They give the music meaning.

I’m passionate about other things too. Occasionally you’ll see posts here that aren’t related to music. These posts will undoubtedly be about some of the other things I’m passionate about. Books and movies immediately come to mind. I’ve written plenty of those. Food and drink also come to mind. I love to eat and I’m a fairly skilled amateur cook. I think so anyway. You may also find random posts about current events or controversial topics. I can’t help it. I like to speak my mind.

Life is about passion. I write about it here, but first and foremost I live it. That’s something I believe in strongly.I always have. We get one chance to dance. Don’t let it pass you by.


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