Joann the Gypsy Princess Gets Personal


“Gypsy Sisters” is a show on TLC that follows the lives of two sets of sisters, Romanichal gypsys, who live in West Virginia. The show debuted in 2013 and is currently in its third season, with no end in sight. The newest member of the cast is Joann the Gypsy Princess.

Joann the Gypsy Princess is a single mother of two kids who brings a spark to the show with her effervescent personality and her lust for life. She has a strong spiritual foundation and is the most soft spoken of the group, except when she is pushed too far, then its like dynamite going off. I normally don’t watch shows like this and certainly never expected to watch the Gypsy Sisters either, but after catching an episode by accident, I was hooked immediately and am now a fan. What follows is a short interview with Joann the Gypsy Princess. This is the first of a two part interview with Joann the Gypsy Princess. The second will be a phone interview, which will soon be available for your listening pleasure.

Carl Hose: First of all, thanks for talking to me. I swore I’d never watch Gypsy Sisters, but after I saw the Bourbon Street episode, I became a pretty big fan immediately, Your personality was what really hooked me, although I think all of the girls are great. Just to clear up any confusion, is your show in any way related to the My Gypsy Wedding shows?

Joann The Gypsy Princess: My sisters Nettie and Mellie was on Gypsy Wedding and got a spin off!

CH: Can you clarify the relationships between all of you girls for those who don’t know. Who is whose sister, cousin, etc

Joann the Gypsy Princess: Nettie and Mellie are my sisters, Kayla and Annie are my first cousins. Our mothers are sisters. But we act just like sisters ourselves!

CH: Since I just started watching the show, I have had to do as much research as possible to catch up. That means finding back episodes and surfing the Internet. You only started in season two, right? What prompted you take a more active role in the show?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: Well, at the time I made my decision I just separated from my spouse and just thought it would be fun and keep me occupied!

CH: While I understand most reality TV is at least loosely scripted, there seems to be a great deal of reality in your reality show. Are there a lot of instances when you film that things happen outside of what you expected?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: What happens is totally us! I am 100 percent me! I would never change for no one or anything! The only thing, they can’t show it all and some people don’t understand fully what goes on!

CH: You have two beautiful children and you’re a single mother. How much has the show changed your personal life, particularly as it applies to balancing the mother/celebrity line?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: My kids are my life. This show helps me provide for them. And I’m thankful for that. It’s a blessing I have this opportunity. Parents work all over the world and I think it’s important to let your kids know when you can’t be there all the time it’s because you’re trying to provide.

CH: I follow you on Facebook and Twitter and I see that you are deeply spiritual and not afraid to let everybody know it. Is it hard to balance your celebrity personality with the girl who has such a strong spiritual foundation?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: Jesus died for our sins! First and foremost we should always share the story of our savior. You never know who you can reach and save! I have been given a blessing to reach so many people that I could have never have reached before. It’s a shame to me to most people it takes guts to stand out for Jesus, but not for me. I love Jesus. I am the eagle kind an a proud CHRISTIAN!!! But I’ve learned if you talk the talk you got to walk the walk! A lot of people say I’m their idol! I don’t want to be anyone’s idol. You should have no other idols. Jesus was perfect. Let him be your idol. I’m a sinner, although I have been redeemed through Jesus’ blood. I’m not perfect, but if I can show you the love I have for Jesus, maybe you too will want that #Fire4Jesus!

CH: It seems, not only from what I’ve read, but from some of the earlier episodes and even the current opening credits of the show, that you are coming out of a shell, maybe becoming stronger and more verbal. What has been the biggest motivator for that?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: My daughter. I don’t want my daughter or son for that matter to let anyone bully them. I want them to stand up for their selfs and what is right! I don’t believe in violence. #VoiceOverFist!!!

CH: What I truly enjoy about the show, besides being a little more enlightened about the Gypsy lifestyle and some of the misconceptions, is the underlying theme that family is important. Through all the fighting, you girls always find a way to rise above it and come together. I thought the end scene of the Bourbon Street episode where Mellie came down to apologize to you was just phenomenal, the way you told her if she ever made you cry again you were going to put her on the ground. Do you feel that is maybe the most important thing to take away from the show, that the family bond is unbreakable?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: Family bond is unbreakable to me! My loyalty will NEVER change because someone’s did, and my friends and fans are just as important. You got my back I got yours till the day I die!

CH: You girls understand style. Flashy seems to be the name of the game. Do you have any favorite designers or do you make your own stuff?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: I bling some things like my converse, but I don’t like to be over flashy! And I’m just the type of girl to wear it all. I’m not picky. I mean just whatever I do wear, I try and always keep it CLASSY!!!!!

CH: What is the biggest misconception you think people have, or the one thing you want people to know, about the gypsy lifestyle?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: All gypsies are the same! We all live different. I do not speak for no other gypsies, including my sisters. We all kinda live different!

CH: Any projects or anything you want to talk about coming up regarding you or the show? Do you plan on staying a regular from now on?

Joann the Gypsy Princess: God is leading me where I need to be, so whatever his plans are for me is where I will go! Hopefully my hat line will be coming soon!!!

CH: Okay, some basic fun stuff for the fans. What is your favorite color, favorite flower, your favorite food, a favorite book or movie, and what music do you enjoy? What are a couple of bands you really like and what are you currently listening to

Joann the Gypsy Princess: Fav flower pink roses.  Fav color purple, pink is runner up, though! Fav. food, I love PIZZAAAAA!!!! Lol. Favorite book BIBLE, of course! But I do love Nicholas Sparks! I love all kinds of movies. Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler one of my all time favorites. I’m currently listening to Willie Small gospel music. I am more into Christian music now. I feel like it makes me a happier person! If that’s possible for me to be any happier, lol!

The Gypsy Princess describes the other girls as:





Find Joann the Gypsy Princess and Gypsy Sisters online:

Facebook: The Gypsy Princess

Twitter: Gypsy Sister Joann


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