KISS – Goes Double Platinum


“Double Platinum” was my first taste of KISS. The album includes 20 of the best fucking KISS songs you’ll ever hear. A lot of them are remixed, of course, which was a bone of contention for the members of the band. I don’t think any of the guys liked what they heard or believe this album was necessary. It was released to keep product on the market while the members recorded their infamous “solo” albums. Say what you will about “Double Platinum,” but I love the album. I thought the remixes were good and I believe every KISS fan should have this one in their collection.

The re-mixes of “Calling Dr. Love” and “Hard Luck Woman,” and the re-recorded “Strutter,” which became “Strutter ’78,” are stand out tracks for me. One of the big complaints I hear from lots of people, including guys in the band, is that the “Strutter ’78” sounds too disco. I don’t get that. Somebody (I think it was Paul Stanley) said the song was too disco and now everybody who writes about it runs with the description. I almost appreciate this version more than the original. “Double Platinum” is one of the best KISS compilations on the market, and in my opinion, a classic best of . . .

  1. “Strutter ’78”
  2. “Do You Love Me?”
  3. “Hard Luck Woman” (remix)
  4. “Calling Dr. Love” (remix)
  5. “Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Side two

  1. “Love Gun”
  2. “God of Thunder”
  3. “Firehouse” (remix)
  4. “Hotter Than Hell”
  5. “I Want You”

Side three

  1. “Deuce” (remix)
  2. “100,000 Years” (remix)
  3. “Detroit Rock City” (remix)
  4. “Rock Bottom (Intro) / She” (remix)
  5. “Rock and Roll All Nite”

Side four

  1. “Beth”
  2. “Makin’ Love”
  3. “C’mon and Love Me” (remix)
  4. “Cold Gin”
  5. “Black Diamond” (remix)

Next post I’ll tackle those infamous “solo” albums. We’re really going to have some fun then.


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