KISS – Music from the Elder and Creatures of the Night

The Elder

Yes, it’s that album, the one that almost nobody liked. Not even KISS wants to acknowledge it happened, and that’s too bad. I’m going on record now as saying I like the album a lot. I’ve liked it since the day it was released. Never once have I turned my back on it. In fact, I still listen to it from time to time. Sure, out of the twelve songs on the album, only five of them are any good, but those five are really good. Good enough to carry the album. Those five songs are “The Oath,” “Dark Light,” “A World Without Heroes,” “Mr. Blackwell,” and “I.” The rest of the album, not so much. If these five tunes had been combined with the four new tracks on the otherwise useless compilation “Killers,” which came out right after “Music from the Elder,” there would have been something cool going on. Those four then-new tracks on “Killers” were “I’m a Legend Tonight,” “Down on Your Knees,” “Nowhere to Run,” and “Partners in Crime.” That would have been a cool album all the way around, but it never happened. Still, I like “Music from the Elder.” for the five really awesome songs it gave us. This is the first official release with new drummer Eric Carr, who became the fox and played with the band until his death in 1991.

  1. “The Oath”
  2. “Fanfare”
  3. “Just a Boy”
  4. “Dark Light”
  5. “Only You”
  6. “Under the Rose”
  7. “A World Without Heroes”
  8. “Mr. Blackwell”
  9. “Escape from the Island”
  10. “Odyssey”
  11. “I”
  12. “Finale”

Creatures of the Night

“Creatures of the Night” is a great album. It’s close to one of my favorite KISS albums. It’s in the top ten for sure. There’s not one song on here I don’t like. Not one fucking song. The stand-out tracks for me are — well, just look at the track list. Those are the stand-out songs. Unfortunately, Ace Frehley was gone for this album. Like Peter, he had some contractual obligations that allowed the band to use his likeness, but he was long gone. Several guitarists played on the album in his place, and one of them, Vinnie Vincent, would join the band for the next album, “Lick It Up,” as an Egyptian Ankh,

Unfortunately, “Creatures of the Night,” as good as it was, did little to elevate KISS to their former glory. Too many fans were still reeling from the sting of “Music from the Elder,” and now there was the departure of Ace, so close on the heels of Peter, to deal with. Fans were just finished. Not me, of course. I rode it out, but I was in the minority.

“Creatures of the Night” is an album I still listen to frequently.

  1. “Creatures of the Night”
  2. “Saint and Sinner”
  3. “Keep Me Comin'”
  4. “Rock and Roll Hell”
  5. “Danger”
  6. “I Love It Loud”
  7. “I Still Love You”
  8. “Killer”
  9. “War Machine”

My next post will be the last in my KISS series. I’ll cover all of the non-makeup albums, the reunion of the band, and the albums recorded after the makeup went on again, including the albums made with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.


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