Live from Daryl’s House

Daryl's House Internet

I love the show “Live from Daryl’s House,” or “Daryl’s House,” as it’s most commonly referred to by all us hip cats that watch the show. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Daryl Hall, well, shame on you. Though he may be best known as the Hall half of the Hall & Oates duo, Daryl has carved out a pretty good solo career and quite a respectable reputation among his peers, which brings me straight to the point of this post, the kick ass show known by the cool kids as “Daryl’s House.”

The premise is simple. Daryl hangs out with some friends (other musicians) and they jam in a relaxed environment, playing whatever the hell they feel like playing. As an added bonus, Daryl brings in some great chefs and everybody cooks and eats while they talk about music and share some stories.

Daryl's House TV

Daryl started the show on the Internet, but it became so popular it was picked up for TV. The initial shows were really filmed at Daryl’s house. These days the episodes are filmed at Daryl’s club in Pawling, New York, which is called (you ready?) Daryl’s House.

The thing about this show is the way it makes you think about music, and particularly about the way you view songs. As a songwriter myself, I can appreciate the way songs are approached on the show. There are no rules. Just because a song has already been recorded doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. Daryl and his guests play a mix of each other’s tunes and they really give them new life. Sometimes the arrangements are fairly close to the originals, sometimes the arrangements are completely different. It just illustrates the many ways a single song can be approached and manipulated.

There have been 75 episodes as if this post. I just watched the 75th today. The guests were Robin Zander, Rick Nielson, and Tom Peterson of Cheap Trick. It was a killer episode with great music and some truly mouth-watering food. One of my favorite episodes to date.

Other guests that Daryl has had on the show include Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Joe Walsh, Rob Thomas, Sammy Hagar, Smoky Robinson, John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Stewart, and, of course, John Oates. That’s just a sampling, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come. Playing with Daryl is becoming the hip thing to do. The guy is a master songwriter, fantastic singer, and all-around cool dude. If you haven’t watched “Live from Daryl’s House,” check your local cable listings for the show and tune in. If you haven’t yet been invited to “Daryl’s House,” hang in there, he’ll probably get to you.

Daryl's House Club


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