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There have been precious few magazines devoted to the craft of songwriting for as long as I can remember. Lots of music magazines, yeah, but not great songwriting magazines. I can remember way back when I first started writing songs, the best I could find was a magazine called Song Hits that published lyrics to popular songs. Not a bad study for songwriters, but I could get lyrics by listening to the records. Besides, they didn’t discuss writing the lyrics, they just reprinted them. That was all there was, though. As the years went by, guitar players, bass players, drummers, and keyboard players all got great magazines devoted to those instruments, but the songwriter was always forgotten.

No more, folks. I’ve been subscribing to Songwriting Magazine for a while now. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who writes songs, regardless of your skill level or where you are in your career as a songwriter. This is our magazine, and it doesn’t get better. Songwriting Magazine gets it right. They understand what goes on inside our heads.

Every issue of this magazine is packed with articles that promote the craft of songwriting. There are interviews with songwriters, articles that focus on the musicians who perform the songs, articles about songwriting craft (lyrics and music), articles on music theory, articles detailing the business side of songwriting, music reviews, and reviews of all the latest and greatest tools for songwriters. It’s all here. Anything a songwriter might need or be interested in reading about is in the pages of Songwriting  Magazine.

It doesn’t matter what kind of songs you write. Songwriting Magazine is for all songwriters. They understand the craft. They understand what it takes to write songs. That’s why the magazine covers such a broad spectrum of material. It’s not all about craft and technique (although, I’m happy to say, there’s plenty of that between the covers). It’s also about the thought process and the passion that goes into writing songs. The magazine addresses songwriting with respect.

The writing in, and composition of, each issue is of the highest quality. There simply isn’t another magazine out there that meets the needs of the songwriter like Songwriting Magazine. If you write songs, you need a subscription. It’s one of the best gifts you’ll give your songwriting.

I’m passionate about writing songs. I wouldn’t waste space or time talking about a magazine on the subject if I didn’t believe in it. If you live and breathe songwriting, Songwriting Magazine will live and breathe it with you.

Songwriting Magazine is available in print or for iPad, Android, and Kindle devices. Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to enjoy all the great stuff this Songwriting Magazine has to offer to songwriters everywhere.

Visit Songwriting Magazine and get your subscription now.


2 thoughts on “Songwriting Magazine – A Songwriter’s Treasure

  1. Thanks for the kind words! As a VERY small business, support like this means a lot – and more importantly, it’s nice to know that someone thinks we’re getting it right! – Russell Deeks, Editor, Songwriting

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