I’m No Angel – Gregg Allman

i'm-no-angelThere’s little I can say about Gregg Allman that won’t be said by peers and fans alike. He had an awesome voice and the music poured from somewhere deep within him. Instead I’ll talk about an album from his catalogue that tends to be overlooked. With his passing, there will be lots of discussion about his work, but his solo album I‘m No Angel, released in 1987, will probably not be one of the most talked about. That’s not because it isn’t a good album, but because there are many more, both solo and with the Allman Brothers Band, that tend to get looked at more frequently.

I’m No Angel was a bit more commercial and accessible to the mainstream than some of his other albums. The songs on I’m No Angel are bursting with catchy melodies and hooks that could land a whale. The title track was a huge hit. It’s a great song. Another standout track for me on the album is the ballad Faces Without Names, which details the love he has for one special girl who stands above the rest.

The first seven songs on I’m No Angel are aimed more at the mainstream. The last three have a lot of blues and gospel elements, more in line with what you hear in most of Gregg Allman’s material. That’s not to say there isn’t a healthy dose of the blues throughout this album. Even when he’s doing more accessible mainstream songs, Gregg Allman’s soulful, bluesy approach is evident. Anything Goes is a song that demonstrates a great blend of commercial appeal with a bluesy foundation. Two more songs that stand out for me are Evidence of Love and Can’t Keep Running.

I said earlier that this album may not be one of the most talked about. I think that’s fair. Some hardcore fans of Gregg’s may not feel this album as much as they do some of his other records. On the other side of the coin, he probably reached some new fans. For me, this is a killer effort. I love the album and always have. I listen to it frequently.

  1. “I’m No Angel” (Tony Colton, Phil Palmer)
  2. “Anything Goes” (Gregg Allman)
  3. “Evidence of Love” (Chris Farren, Steve Diamond)
  4. “Yours for the Asking” (Allman, Dan Toler, Frankie Toler)
  5. “Things That Might Have Been” (Allman, D. Toler)
  6. “Can’t Keep Running” (Michael Bolton, Martin Briley)
  7. “Faces Without Names” (Allman, D. Toler)
  8. “Lead Me On” (Allman, D. Toler)
  9. “Don’t Want You No More” (Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin)
  10. “It’s Not My Cross to Bear” (Allman)

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