Carl Hose Playing the Muse Youtube


I’ve started a Carl Hose “Playing the Muse” Youtube channel. It’s basically this blog gone live action. The videos are low budget and focus on the craft of songwriting as well as discussions about some of my favorite songwriters, bands, albums, and the songs that have inspired me through the years as a songwriter. The concept is simple. I believe all songwriters are a product of the music they grew up with, which is why I spend so much time in the videos addressing the music that inspired me.


If you’re into music talk in general, you’ll probably dig some of what I do on the Youtube channel. If you’re a songwriter or musician, you’ll dig what I do on the Youtube channel for sure. If you’re a beginning songwriter, you might pick up some cool techniques for bringing your songs to life. At the very least, we’ll have fun talking about awesome bands and great music.

I want to invite you to check out my Youtube, like the videos, leave comments, and if you think it’s something you’re going to like, subscribe to the channel and help me build it. Your comments and suggestions will help me bring you topics we can all have fun with. If you write songs, love talking about music, or just want to watch some low budget rock and roll fun, drop by the channel.



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