About Carl Hose


The world is my oyster and I came to claim the fucking pearl
– Carl Hose

Those are my words. The concept isn’t original but the phrasing is. I appreciate every breath I take. I have a beautiful family and a great career. In other words, I’m claiming the pearl.

I am the author of the anthologies Deadtown and Other Tales of Horror Set in the Old West, Weird Horror and Other B-Grade Tales, Fematales, Fematales Supernatural, Dead Horizon, the zombie novella Dead Rising, and the erotic anthology Pornocopia. My work has appeared in many horror anthologies and magazines, including Cold Storage (which I co-edited), Peep Show, Deathgrip: It Came from the Cinema, Deathgrip: Exit Laughing, Champagne Shivers, Tentacles, Butcher Knives and Body Counts, Through the Eyes of the Undead, Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets, Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes,  Writer’s Journal, and Lighthouse Digest magazine. I am also editor and publisher of the Dark Light anthology to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

These days I spend my creative energy writing songs and screenplays, with some occasional poetry thrown in for good measure. Songs and screenplays are a lot alike. They’re both highly structured art forms that require you to have skill and passion to produce successful results, and neither of them is complete in written form. A song isn’t complete until somebody records it, and a screenplay isn’t complete until somebody shoots it. Still, somebody has to write them, and that’s where I come in. That’s the part I enjoy most of all.

Love and thanks to:

My wife Marcee for unconditional love and the happiness she brings me.

My kids: Nick, Haley, Seth, Ethan, Caleb, and Ireland for the joy they bring to my life.

All of you who pay attention to the things I do.


4 thoughts on “About Carl Hose

  1. Carl, just wanted to say I read your piece on Gary Richrath and you dead-on nailed the sentiment, well mine for sure and without a doubt, the sentiments of many that loved REO and appreciated Gary.

    I actually stumbled upon your piece by pulling up “Son of a Poor Man” and while listening to it, i thought, “man, i bet Gary wrote that one”. I googled it and came across an article you wrote about Gary and his recent passing. It was everything i thought and knew about REO, succintly summarized. Could not have been more on point.

    I guess, i just wanted to say “well done” and Thanks for writing


    Liked by 1 person

    • Mike, I appreciate that you took the time to comment, and I’m happy you enjoyed the article. I’m a huge REO fan and wanted to make some commentary on Gary’s passing without wallowing in the negativity a lot of people did regarding the fact that he was no longer in REO. I enjoy both. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Not many people are willing to spend a few minutes of their time engaging like that. Take care.


  2. Carl
    I Enjoyed Your Piece On Alive! & Alive II, With Alive! Being The Greatest Album Ever Recorded!!! As Far As Live Albums Go Alive! Is The Blue Print For All Other Bands… It Goes Without Saying No Live Album Has Come Close To Alive!
    I Like How You Mentioned Alive II And How The Band Did Not Have Enough Material To Fill The Album, So They Included 5 New Studio Tracks To Create Side 4…

    1. You Mentioned The Same Songs I Have Mentioned That Could Have Been Used Or Played Live To Complete Alive II…

    2. Alive! Is Only 16 Tracks, Alive II Is 15 Live Tracks, So With The Songs We Agree On They Could Have Achieved Alive II Without The 5 Studio Tracks. I Also Believe They Could Have Arranged Alive II As Is Differntly And Still Got Alive II On 4 Sides, Also Complete Peter & Ace Solos Could Have Added More Time, Like They Did With Alive!

    3. You Failed To Mention That King Of The Nighttime World, Hard Luck Woman & Tomorrow And Tonight Were Not Ever Played Live On The Love Gun Tour, Instead They Were Recorded Live (No Audience) King Of The Nighttime World At The Forum 3Pm Sound Checks August 26, 27, 1977…
    Hard Luck Woman And Tomorrow & Tonight At The Capitol Theatre Passaic, NJ And Eletric Lady Studio September 13, 1977, With Audience Dubbed In….

    4. Beth And I Want You Were Taken From The Original Alive II Recordings From The Rock And Roll Over Tour At Budokan Tokyo, Japan April 2, 1977…

    5. Alive II Was Overdubbed And Polished To Perfection Far More Than Alive!, At Least Alive! Sounds Live! Alive II Sounds Like A Live Studio Album, With The Audience Dubbed In…

    6. Alive! Was Not Primarily Cobo Arena As The Band Wanted Fans To Think…
    Without Going Track By Track (Which I Could Do), Alive! Is 60% Wildwood, NJ, 39% Davenport, IA & Cleveland, OH And 1% Cobo Arena By That I Mean A Very Small Portion At The End Of 100,000 Years Is Cobo…

    I Would Love To Read Your Thoughts On KISS, Hotter Than Hell And Dressed To Kill…


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    • Sorry so late in responding. I appreciate the detailed comment and your appreciation of those albums. I also appreciate your insights into the albums as well.


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